from Mine to Mistress - by Chaim Even-Zohar
Corporate Strategies and Government Policies in the International Diamond Industry
Secrecy clouds the entire diamond industry; its inner workings are often unclear to corporate and governmental decision-makers. Moreover, the rapid globalisation of the industry is impacting on corporate strategies, and producer-country governments are demanding domestic beneficiation.
Meanwhile, the 'un-cartelisation' of the traditional monopoly structure has enhanced competition, causing a traditionally fragmented value chain to reorganise through growth or consolidation.
This book is about adding value in the diamond pipeline from the mine (upstream) to the retail consumer (on the downstream side).
At each level of the value chain, the revenue optimisation choices are discussed.
What all decision-makers require is access to industry information, and an answer to their questions. These might include:
  • Why does a government need a diamond valuator?
  • If a producer sells on an arm's-length basis, is there reason to doubt the veracity of the company's audited results?
  • Is there a need for specific diamond-industry legislation?
  • Should players in the downstream processing industry be licensed?
  • Why are there special fiscal understandings between traders and manufacturers, and their respective governments?
  • Is it still necessary for a government to have the right to limit the value of rough diamonds sold?
This book does not give all the answers but it describes the systems as they operate today, and identifies the interaction among all industry players. Taken in its entirety, this book will leave you with a wealth of information. It should be thought-provoking, and enhance your understanding of what it takes to perpetuate the Diamond Dream.
Chaim Even-Zohar

Chaim Even-Zohar is principal of Tacy Ltd, a Tel Aviv-based consultancy specialising in all aspects of the international diamond business.

The company has over 30 years of continuous involvement in the industry.

Mr Even-Zohar has been associated with diamonds since the early 1970s, when he arranged the purchase by the Israeli Government of rough diamonds from the US Strategic Stockpile, while attached to the economic mission of the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC. Thereafter he served as deputy director general of the Israeli Government-owned Pituach Diamond Corp, acquiring rough diamonds from Sierra Leone, Liberia, CAR, the UK, US and Belgium. After overseeing the company's privatisation, he left to serve as a manager at the diamond branch of the First International Bank of Israel in the late 1970s. Thereafter, he turned to journalism and consulting.

Mr Even-Zohar is editor or founder of various diamond-industry publications. These include the authoritative bi-weekly Diamond Intelligence Briefs (founded in 1984), monthly magazine Mazal U'Bracha Diamonds (1985), recently renamed IDEX Magazine, and other titles.

He is the author of 'Diamond Industry Strategies to Combat Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism' (2004) published jointly with ABN-AMRO Bank NV. This book was also published in the Hebrew language (2005) as is the recent 'Policies and Strategies of the Diamond Mining Producing Countries'.

Born in the Netherlands, Mr Even-Zohar emigrated to Israel in 1965. He earned a BA in Journalism (California State University), an MA in International Communications (American University, Washington DC) and pursued doctoral studies at Johns Hopkins University. Married to Tamar, the couple has three children and several grandchildren. They make their home in Caesarea, Israel.